Supporting some of the most vulnerable people in communities in western Kenya, we raise funds with a focus on three key areas:


Pursue: Family & Community

"Before these meetings I was so lonely, but now I feel happy,"

(Mary, a member of a Pursue widows group)


Weekly Meetings

Pursue values every individual and our partner in Kenya seeks to bring self worth to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. Weekly meetings for widows and couples' courses help address issues of isolation, loneliness and addiction. These meetings foster a sense of community, bringing people together to be a part of their own solution, which in turn lead to groups setting up sustainable income-generating projects to raise their standard of living.


Community Helping Hands

Dedicated Community Helping Hands regularly visit each individual that they work with, to provide a listening ear, offer advice and help with any household tasks that need doing. 


Pursue: Education

"The seminars have helped me learn new teaching techniques, which the children really enjoy."

(David, Primary teacher)


Teacher Development Seminars

There are now more children attending school in sub-Saharan Africa than ever before. Parents often spend what little money they have on sending their children to school, but sadly the standard of education is often very poor and the children do not always learn the valuable skills needed to thrive in the future. We support work with untrained teachers to improve education in rural schools through a series of seminars, mentoring and school-based support.  Dedicated staff deliver regular teacher training sessions focusing on practical techniques to improve teaching and learning in rural primary schools. Specific training forums are provided for Early Years teachers and School leaders

Literacy for the Community

More than one in three adults in western Kenyan are illiterate and this has a huge impact on their self esteem and ability to find paid employment. Pursue supports work within communities offering literacy and numeracy classes to those otherwise unable to access learning. We want to see more people able to provide for their families through employment or managing their own enterprises.



Pursue: Better Living

"Agnes had terrible jiggers infestations which needed significant treatment. After months of visiting her regularly, she is finally jiggers free"

(Ceceliah, Community team staff member)


Home care

We support work alongside community leaders and elders to identify vulnerable individuals and families. Lack of education about basic health and hygiene leads to a wide range of infections and diseases. We fund treatment for bedbug infestations in houses and for jiggers, a flesh-eating flea that can leave people unable to walk. We also empower the teaching of community first aid and basic hygiene to help avoid such conditions reappearing once they have been eliminated.