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Community Projects

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Widows’ savings groups and livelihoods projects

Pursue empowers widows in rural areas to meet regularly and supports them establish community owned projects that provide an income to those otherwise unable to access employment. Pursue has facilitated our widows groups to establish table banking groups; goat rearing programmes; and skill sharing initiatives. 


Every widow has been trained in how to grow vegetables using garden towers which enable them to access an income

Pursue values every individual and we encourage the widows to participate in a buddy system to alleviate loneliness and isolation; ensuring that every widow is regularly visited in her home. This helps to foster a sense of community.

Jiggers and bedbug treatment

Lack of education about basic health and hygiene leads to a wide range of infections and diseases. We fund treatment for bedbug infestations in houses and for jiggers, a flesh-eating flea that can leave people unable to walk. We also empower the teaching of community first aid and basic hygiene to help avoid such conditions reappearing once they have been eliminated.


The jiggers sand flea infests feet and causes severe discomfort, preventing many from attending school or work.  They are notoriously difficult to get rid of.   Pursue staff and volunteers provided treatment for bedbugs and prevention training for 80 homes in 2023, resulting in a better quality of life for each of these families.

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Home based care for vulnerable individuals and families

Working alongside community leaders and elders we are able to identify vulnerable individuals and families. The team then tailors the response to suit the needs that are identified.  This may be providing some immediate support such as access to a medical facility, or longer term partnerships with other support providers in the local community.

Teenage girls groups

The girls’ clubs aim to reduce the risk of teenage pregnancy and school dropout rates amongst young teenage girls by providing them with a safe space to talk; provide education around health, wellbeing and relationships; build self-esteem and have fun!

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